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Thread: Virgin Broadband (and TV)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndySaville View Post
    So I'm told but this wasn't mentioned in the advert for the package upgrade. I spoke to Virgin and the guy read the emails I had been sent from Virgin and agreed to reduce my monthly bill to the one advertised.

    However since then I've had my first monthly bill at the new rate along with the 'connection fee' and an adjustment for upgrading mid-month and it's come to an eye-watering 78. I've tried to make sense of it but it still doesn't add up why I've paid almost double the new monthly rate so I'll be back on to them tomorrow!
    my mums bill is 119 pound so I told her to fuck virgin off

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    Energy companies, broadband supplies, phone companies.........they are all at it.

    One scam is to include insurance as default - you have to tick the opt out box ( which is conveniently hidden). Add ons should be clear and not included as default. OK I can deal with this but old folk and many others are getting ripped off.

    I tried to get things changed and my MP took up the case. It went to the Minister who came out in favour of the companies - basically "buyer beware". Its not illegal but its sharp practice and not customer friendly.

    In fact it stinks.


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