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Short Memories And An Ignorance Of What’s Going On With The Neighbours - Page 7
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Thread: Short Memories And An Ignorance Of What’s Going On With The Neighbours

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    Thought I'd leave it 12 hours before I came back to the forum. Must say I'm pleasantly surprised that the majority are in the same mind. It's heartening that pretty much everyone recognises that the club is in a positive place right now. Like others have said Burnley are the ones to emulate locally. They've been promoted and relegated but never panicked. IF we ever get there that will be the way we have to do it as well.

    I'll take my tin hat off now. Glad I didn't need it but it's always a worry when you nail your colours to the mast.

    Thanks for the compliments on the post. UTW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
    Arsenal gave us way too much space in the first half that's why we played so well, Arsenals CB's were dropping off or trying to play offside and they didn't know which one they were doing so we looked good.

    Second half they closed down Mcgeady and Robinson and we were very quickly snuffed out.

    You have to look at how the opposition setup sometimes Tugg.
    Don't want to take this off topic Ron, but would like to respond and will be brief. Already made my thoughts clear on the Wednesday game. On Arsenal I agree they didn't look too interested 1st half, but I believe they were genuinely shocked by our performance. Also think you're giving them too much credit and not giving our players enough credit. They clearly got a rollicking at half time and came out 2nd half to put things right. But a 4-4-2 formation against a side of Arsenals quality tells you all you need to know about Graysons intentions in that match and I'll leave it at that.


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