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Thread: The Jesus and Mary Chain.

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    The Jesus and Mary Chain.

    In 1987, I saw this band for the 1st and only time at Manchester International with a certain Bobby Gillespie banging away on the drums. After the gig, having avoided BR security, we managed to sneak into a room on a deserted Manchester Victoria Railway Station to kip down rough for the night until the 1st Sunday morning train home.

    30 years later, I am going to see them for the 2nd time on March 25th at Manchester Academy. It is fair to say that having just booked the ticket, I am a tad excited. I won't be kipping rough though this time.

    Anyone else going?

    RIP Kurt
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    I spent much of my youth sleeping on train stations after gigs following the damned and a few other punk/indie bands. On Euston station once In the middle of winter I was so cold with no sleeping bag I ripped down all the little coloured background curtains from the photo - me booths and slept under a pile of them. When I first met my wife she drove a car that she said was named 'Bobbie' - after Gillespie. But she was more into Carter usm and mega city four in those days. I went to a few of their gigs too. Now, when I Go to see the damned with mates, it's not hitching and sleeping rough but trains and hotels. We never forget those days though. Students or dole-ites and times were tough!

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    Gawd, I haven't lived. I hope reincarnation is something that actually happens, so long as I come back as a human again.


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