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Thread: Poor Attendance Response/Season Tickets etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sports Lawyer View Post
    Personally i think we will see a 2.5% increase across the board.

    Also, Ambassadors will now have to pay full price won't they as they had their 50 reduction before this season?
    Ambassadors seem to get random price reductions as long as they keep renewing - they got a discount in 2015 after promotion, but also a 10% discount last year.

    Everyone who renewed or bought an ST before 9th July 2016 benefited from a price freeze too, then prices went up about 5%.

    So the actual 2016/17 ST prices were not "400 AKTE, 535 Premium, 475 everywhere else" - those were the limited "frozen from 2015" prices.

    The final 2016/17 prices were:

    So whatever we get for 2017/18 will presumably be based on these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thracia View Post
    I had a quick look at the various official sites (I didn't dig down too deep into ancient news items, but I checked the main Ticket menus and the front pages - apologies if there are any errors, but I'm not spending tons of time on this), and I could find no 2017/18 ST information for Leeds or Huddersfield, while Sheff Wed did some Early Bird renewal sales at last season's prices (455, 555, 640) until March 6th, but they'll now be selling no more STs until the summer, with their summer prices not yet announced.

    Along with us, that's 7 of the top 10 who have announced ST prices for next season. Maybe the Twitter researcher felt Sheff Wed had done enough to count.

    Anyway - the main story is not that these clubs have announced prices, but what prices they've announced.

    Out of those 7 in the top 10, you need to be a member to log on and see the prices at Newcastle ("price freeze from this season"), Brighton ("2% to 5% price increases") and Derby (price freeze until April 2nd), but Reading have announced Early Bird prices for ST renewals (only), priced 305, 350 and 420 until April 7th, thereafter they go up to 325, 375 and 450. New STs at Reading (not renewals) get no Early Bird prices and are more expensive still, at 345, 395 and 495.

    Fulham announced a price freeze for Early Bird sales (until April 10th) at 254, 305, 382, 441, 501, 586 and 713, after which these tickets go up to 299, 359, 449, 519, 589, 689 and 839.

    Norwich also announced Early Bird prices (until May 7th) of 585, 596 and 646. They haven't said what the post-Early Bird prices will be.

    It's a similar story lower down the division: Aston Villa (Early Bird price freeze until April 7th, 370, 420, 500, 535 and 595, post-Early Bird prices not announced); Brentford (Early Bird price freeze until May 31st, 369, 389 and 449, after which prices will rise to 419, 439 and 499); Cardiff City (Early Bird prices until April 7th, 299, 369, 419 and 519, post-Early Bird prices not announced); Ipswich Town (Early Bird prices until April 17th, 423, 537, 564 and 674, after which prices will rise to 544, 661, 699 and 842); QPR (Early Bird price freeze until May 31st, 400, 465, 535 and 610, after which prices will rise to 430, 499 and 575 (610 ticket N/A after May 31st).

    Bristol City are offering "season cards" until April 21st, with prices at 347, 372, 401, 431, 471 and 531.

    Wolves are doing a scheme where some of the price might be refunded if they hit sales targets, but Early Bird prices until April 3rd are 345, 384, 405 and 464 (post-Early Bird prices not announced).

    I didn't find any information for Barnsley, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Burton Albion, Nottm Forest, Rotherham Utd or Wigan Athletic.

    I notice no one's gone down the "200 season ticket" route so far - Huddersfield have yet to declare here too.

    And the trend is clearly a "2016/17 price freeze" for a limited time, then the prices all go up - so I wouldn't be too surprised if that's what we do too.
    Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

    However forget all that, are ours on sale yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tino View Post
    Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

    However forget all that, are ours on sale yet?
    No, but neither are Huddersfield's, and if we're doing the same as them, we're doing it right, yeah?

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    Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.......... Still no ticket deals from PNE for remaining home games?
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