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Thread: 'May'jor PM Announcement @ 11:15 - General Election June 8th

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    Quote Originally Posted by raefil View Post
    This is what the tories think of ordinary decent people, this is just an ordinary woman, from Leyland, who met Corbyn on the doorstep recently.

    How dare they try to make her look like some type of lout?

    Fact is this exactly what they think of ordinary decent people.
    If true, Mrs Finney should chat with her lawyer - pretty sure she will have a very good case for defamation of character. And I suspect that she would have no problem finding a lawyer prepared to work for no fee

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    As much as Im loathe to post links to the Express the original, unphotoshopped, picture of Mrs finney was posted by them.
    The Conservatives are strong against the weak and weak against the strong. That's not leadership


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