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Thread: Mark Rankine Super Agent

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    Not a legend though.

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    He didn't always pass the ball backwards either, that is an urban myth. Fabulous player for us was Ranks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tino View Post
    I seem to remember him playing on the right wing when he first signed, and he didn't exactly have the pace of Barkhuizen or the skill of McGeady... A move inside and a partnership with Gregan followed, and the rest is history...

    Zonal football applied by Harrison (?) a mate of Peters ( who by then had lost the plot a bit ) didn't do him any favours and among other things got him christened " crab " ( one of his politer nicknames ).........A player with Rankines energy and commitment should never have been told to play it square, back, safe and stay in his own " space"..Crackers............Real shame that Peters had a most excellent eye for a player but got to a point where he just didn't know what to do with them and couldn't see the woods for the trees.....

    As you say, as soon as Rankine was let loose next to Gregan...Bob was your Auntie.
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