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Thread: Billy Davies - alleged smear campaign

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    A top manager at this level who's lost his head since his last job.

    His tactical/man-management abilities can't be questioned but the way he behaves in the press/with officials has seriously damaged his reputation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by europne View Post
    Totally correct.

    And he took over here from Craig Brown, who had assembled the most talented squad this club had seen since the days of Finney, with Fuller, Lewis etc, a lot of Davies success here was because of Browns work and contacts.

    And Brown was completely the opposite of Davies, he was too nice a guy.

    How many managers these days would you see in the Sumners after the game having a drink with the fans? None !!

    Chairman Derek made a habit of it and had Moyes with him now and again................ But in Dereks case I believe he was " larging it up " rather than mingling..
    Vote For John Brown

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    Too big an ego to go to a smaller club. Fuck him and his attitude


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