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Thread: World mental health day

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    Quote Originally Posted by raefil View Post
    And some still dont recognise that its an illness like any other. Hence my feeling appalled at the govts answer to use "Well meaning," people rather than professionally trained people to treat them. If someone has a kidney problem they arent sent to "Well meaning," people theyre sent to fully trained and well paid professionals. Were still massively on catch up with this one.
    One true example from the pros

    One of the secure units had cubicles seperated
    by curtains for the male prisoners (patients) sleeping

    One of the patients was twisted by perversion.
    I was talking to some of the other patients (who were decent people)
    They said that the pervert would wander around the cubicles at night
    and he would perform lewd acts over a bible.

    I asked one of the day staff "would you like that in your bedroom?"

    She was a nice person so it wasn't her fault, but she was horrified when
    I put that to her.

    How this is going to help the mental health of the patients beggars belief.
    And this example is one of the milder ones I could mention.

    I'm sure there are many more decent professionals then those in charge
    of that place - but there are fucking maniacs running others.

    So if you think just because they're out of the system and safely locked up - job done
    Easy for one of the "caring" sane to say.

    (Far worse are the chemical weapons - in the hands of one
    who is sadistic) i.e he gets a hard on with a needle in hand.

    Like i said this is not concerning the caring pros.

    Blair should have looked for those weapons far closer to home.

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    Happy Halloween


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