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Thread: Starvation, sex and charity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liberation View Post
    Isn't it all delegated?...That's what CEO's do don't they?...How much are his underlings on a year for organising the next marketing campaign to raise money for the starving and begging me in the post and on the telly to provide ( after expences of course)?..... Always tickles me with charities how the bottom feeders are always those who do in on a " volunteer " basis... who by the way I think are marvelous ............but rarely do we see such gestures from the Management.
    This is my point.

    People with very little hand over cash to help. Workers volunteer for free, giving up their time. Meanwhile, those at the top earn more than a decent wage.
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    Charity eh .... another industry created to provide well paid jobs to the most needy
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