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Thread: Prediction League - QPR v PNE - 14/02/18 - Championship

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    Prediction League - QPR v PNE - 14/02/18 - Championship

    This is the prediction thread for QPR v PNE

    All predictions must be made before kick off at 3:00pm on Saturday 14th April 2018.

    You can see the latest table HERE.

    Don't forget to click on the poll with your result after entering your prediction.


    Please post your prediction in the following format:

    <Home team><Home Score>-<Away Score><Away Team>
    <Name of Scorer>
    <Attendance Prediction>

    e.g. PNE 26-0 Blackpool
    Attendance: 10,375

    Your should aim to maximise the number of points you score according to the following system:

    A maximum of 10 points are available for each prediction which are awarded as follows:

    3 points for correct result W/L/D

    1 point for correct home score

    1 point for correct away score

    2 points for correct first scorer

    OR 1 point for correct scorer at any other time

    Finally, 3 more bonus points will be awarded to the poster(s) who guesses closest to the official attendance for each game.

    An updated league table will be posted at least once a month.

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    Sorry to be picky LIP , but you have got the date wrong... it should be 14/04/2018


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