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Thread: Ken Dodd dies age 90

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    For info regarding the funeral

    One of his last wishes was that he wrote his own epitaph which will be read by dicky mint at a celebration of his life next week at knotty ash cathedral followed by a buffet of jam butties

    The proceedings start on Wednesday with a short service followed by the epitaph closing on Friday around noon
    Sleeping bags optional !

    A great and fine fellow. My father used to organise sportsmans dinners for charity and doddy was always such a lovely and kind man who was so happy to give his time for such little financial reward God bless you ken and here's hoping St. Peter is ready for a few hours jokes upon your arrival in heaven !
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    Tickling sticks
    Diddy men...
    How tickled I am...
    Discomnoperhated etc.

    Maybe he was a really funny performer. It seems he was, but personally I couldn't past these very unfunny catchphrases / props.

    Anyway, RIP. Apart from the tax thing, his heart seemed to be good.

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    He must have known his time was limited, when he married his long time partner on Friday, sorted everything in one fell swoop, good man. Made sure she had nothing to worry about. Always came across as a very humble guy.

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    I was at a meeting of Longton motor club at Baxi (I think) many years ago...he was the main act but only about 12 of us were there to see it. Everybody was ripped to pieces...I have never had so much piss taken out of me in my, top guy..he'll be sadly missed.

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    Really wasnt my cup of tea but when it comes to longevity you cant argue against this guys record in show business.

    Im glad he shoved his tickling stick up the HMRC right at the end.
    "The gig economy is nothing new, its simply the reincarnation of an ancient evil."

    Justin Welby

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    I went to see him once at a small do in Ormskirk which he used as a warm up and practice for the Liverpool Capital of Culture thing back in 2008. We had a meal with him sat at the table just telling gags and then got into his routine. Got to about 10:30 after a 2.5 hr set of just telling jokes and he says "right, we can have a small break and then go again...." And he certainly did...with another 90 minutes of talking about every comedian to ever come from the Liverpool area! He never missed a beat.


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