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Thread: Salisbury

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    Quote Originally Posted by raefil View Post
    Well it does seem today that Brexiteers have been sold down the river again...
    You're obsessed with Brexit.. you need to let it go !
    If you pay to watch the Premier League on TV.. you are part of the problem !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liberation View Post
    Anyone got a theory as to what our attention is being diverted away from yet?
    Dear Libs

    It's to cover for the fact that our economy is in the crap, our international influence is waining and we're just stuck in an historic rut clinging onto some supposed halcyon past. But there again I did have an election.

    Yours V V Putin

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    The Tories now follow Corbyn's example and look for evidence!?

    The political dust is beginning to settle a little, but the wider context appears hostile to an early settlement of the dispute about responsibility for the Salisbury poisonings. Chemical investigation experts arrive in the UK today to examine the evidence. Putin has signed agreements that demand he admit experts there. This was, of course, the kind of evidence Jeremy Corbyn demanded in the Commons and was accused of 'letting down the country' because of his stance. That the kind of corroboration demanded could emerge in the next few weeks (the tests take time) again exposes the Tories' use of this crime to create a Falklands effect to try to save Theresa May's beleaguered tenure on office. In my opinion, socialists should ignore all the mutterings about 'false flag' conspiracies. Russia is the likeliest source as Labour has always said, but likely is not the same as confirmed to the point further sanctions should be taken. Iraq should give us pause for thought on rushing to action prematurely.

    The further complication is, of course, Putin's election victory. He is now even more secure. The margin of his triumph looks suspicious and there are plausible accusations of ballot-rigging, but who has the capacity to challenge him?

    We have had a boiling kettle of debate over the Salisbury attacks. We can now expect the affair to simmer on for some weeks. Domestic politics will begin to re-emerge through the steam.


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