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Thread: It isn't all over!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liberation View Post
    Sounds daft but we might have been/done better with a harder run in.
    I think we'd do better if we had 3 away games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Daniels View Post
    Lets hope that our nemesis, Mitrovic, can't play in the POs although I suspect he will be able to do so.

    For this reason alone, I hope Fulham finish 2nd.
    cardiff run-in is all winnable and i think they'll have enough to go second by a good few points
    so you're right, glup!

    if we make it it will be a bloodbath or we face a load of bottlers and we game-manage our way through

    gotta get there first though, and i think it is entirely possible - down to the players


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