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Thread: HornbyCastle 6 month ban?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobber View Post
    100% Donít Edgy,

    See thatís where weíre different, I really do not care what anyone thinks of me on here. If you donít like me, your problem.

    But good for you for challenging my thoughts
    It is nice to care though

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgy View Post
    It is nice to care though
    Yes it is,

    But quite irrelevant on an anonymous forum. I figure as long as I donít intentionally try to upset someone, never intentionally lie or mislead. If I try to be as honest as possible and talk straight,

    Then Iím just being me.

    If people donít like me, tough shit.
    Raefil, He's the second best moderator this forum has ever had, closely behind Nobber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgy View Post
    It is nice to care though
    Everyone cares Edgy
    Alex Neil ďThis club has had a certain style for four years and Iím trying to change that and the style I want to play is the complete opposite to that.Ē


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