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Thread: Read First: PNE Online Match Travel Section

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    Read First: PNE Online Match Travel Section

    After a bit of head scratching and literally minutes of planning, we've decided to throw a Match Travel section up to help PNE Onliners arrange lifts to matches and other PNE travel related frivolity.

    So if you have a spare seat in your mini-bus, make a solo trip to Deepdale from deepest Scotland or are a rider light on your tandem then this is the place for you.

    Important disclaimers...
    1. PNE Online does not intend to be a facility of any sort, merely a method by which individuals may initiate contact with each other.
    2. Users of PNE Online are advised that no checks whatsoever are made against anyone joining the site and those either offering or accepting offers of lifts. Individuals should, therefore, exercise caution and satisfy themselves that the person or persons that they are travelling with are suitable.
    3. PNE Online takes no responsibility for any personal or financial consequences, which result from the use of this site.
    4. Users should endeavour to keep as much private information off the public forum as possible (ie phone numbers, addresses, meeting places etc). PNE Online reserve the right to remove any personal contact details that we believe may compromise a user(s) safety without notice.
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