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Thread: Forum Accounts Summary 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by raefil View Post
    good luck with that, outy, Dai appears to have done one.
    Not recently either
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liberation View Post
    Ahh gotcha............So mine works and yours doesn't..........And it's got nowt to do with your end? Yeah right!

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    Mine works fine, I can quote post images etc, my end is on a PC, the server end is fucked host a forum, you need a database to store the posts and record all records, that is intact as you wouldn't be reading past posts. Problem being at this moment and causing problems, is the upload failed to deliver a couple of files, without them is is cuaing errors, easily solved but downside is, someone has to do it, and I can't see anyone on this forum, doing the necessaries...
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