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Thread: New pub for Preston?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shabbagaz View Post
    Hissy fit? No just simply pointing out how ungrateful the barman was - just thought it was out of order to moan about not having change and belittling the customer. Course I don't expect anyone to kiss my arse and I wouldn't want them too either - personally I can't stand brown-nosers.

    I'll leave it at that as it's pointless taking this argument any further.
    There are many reasons to visit pneonline, customer service is not one of them. Keep up the good work.....

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    Popped into the Tap & Vine for the first time earlier today and overall was impressed.

    Lovely decor, friendly atmosphere and some great looking meat, cheese and fish platters on the menu.

    Beer lineup was fairly decent. Cross Bay EPA, Crate Golden Ale, Beer Brothers Gold & Northern Monkey's Reeny's Beans on cask with Einstock White Ale on keg (along with assorted euro fizz).

    Nothing to shout about but the Golden Ale from Crate was nice and well kept and overall the lineup was far better than what it was. Get rid of the Hophouse 13 (Moretti will suit most lager drinkers) for a decent keg ale and add a few bottles/cans to the fridge and they're increase their punters no end.


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