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Thread: Ilegal or Inappropriate Images and Posts - ALL USERS PLEASE READ

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    Ilegal or Inappropriate Images and Posts - ALL USERS PLEASE READ

    As you may have been aware the forum recently had a spate of inappropriate posts containing highly offensive and possibly illegal images. We believe this is from a user who has been banned previously and has a vendetta against the forum. This user goes to great lengths to gain access to the site and then proceeds to try and cause as much offense as possible, in turn attempting to bring the forum into disrepute. Sadly this culminated in posts which has led the moderators to report said user to the authorities, something which we have never done before.

    We would like to thank everyone who brought these posts to our attention, they were then deleted and we banned the relevant accounts asap.

    If any forum user sees a post in which they feel violates public decency or which they find highly offensive please use the report function and DO NOT QUOTE THE POST or challenge the poster, as this makes it more difficult for the mod team to isolate the posts whilst we deal with them appropriately. Also please do not start new threads pointing these out to us as this also highlights the posts we are trying to deal with.

    This is a very rare occurrence and it hopefully won't cause any issues in the future of PNE-Online.

    Rest assured the moderating team will always put the future of the forum ahead of any individual poster.

    Thank you for your support.
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