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Thread: Gary Bowyer to be sacked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FootballcrazyP_ View Post
    Bowyer is going Birmingham
    That would be sensible.

    But I think Brums owners will want a name like Pele or whoever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by europne View Post
    That would be sensible.

    But I think Brums owners will want a name like Pele or whoever.
    Rowett might be a good shout..
    Vote For John Brown

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    Quote Originally Posted by We8PNE View Post
    Certainly not.

    Karl's handing out free tickets like confetti.
    Course he is ..... hands back in pockets abound on the back of a bit of success , fookin hilarious !!!!!
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    It seems there is a sniff of some glory days back at the Gloomfield. Karl and Gary have plugged the holes in the sinking ship and the rats are slowly climbing back aboard in anticipation of the next "Best Trip Ever". Maybe a punchy new name can be found for this one?

    Best Trip Ever. The Reunion

    Best Trip Ever. Reloaded

    Best Trip Ever. Where's Uncle Val?

    Best Trip Ever. Funny Girls On Tour

    Best Trip Ever. The Chronicles of The Oystons.

    Best Trip Ever. I've Honestly Been Coming On Every Week

    Best Trip Ever. The 2nd Leg

    Best Trip Ever. The Delusion Diaries

    Maybe I'll leave it to the Lashers to decide, it's not my place in fairness.
    ''Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.''
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