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Thread: Gary Bowyer to be sacked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leftbackdarton View Post
    You are. There was no real drop in attendances before the goading and suing of fans so that's wrong to begin with. The goading and suing of fans happened way before the official boycott. Let's remember here that Oyston has lost the last two court cases so comments about spreading lies is invalid as the court would tell you.

    Anybody can make up stories to win an argument and that is what you are doing there.
    But am I making up stories or are you twisting the truth? On what date did the boycott officially commence? On what date was the first threat of court action? On what date was the tennis ball pitch invasion? On what date were windows smashed and threats made against OO at Gloomfield? Where in the proceedings did your lot get the game v Huddersfield get the game abandoned? Help me understand the time period by giving me these days so I will know if I have been wrong all along and misunderstood in which order things happened!

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    So in all this sorry state has anything constructive been suggested. How actually are you going to get out of this mess?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leftbackdarton View Post
    I find it very bizarre that you expect us not to protest when the club is sliding down the divisions? Remember in that season, we didn't have a squad to start a Championship season and the team was full of trialists. Do you remember this pitch as well?

    <snip pic>

    There was absolutely no investment whatsoever and this was all after taking the massive payout. So yes, the protests we well and truly justified! It was only when the Oyston's starting taking the piss out of the fans with their Oyston out number plate and suing them when the boycott idea emerged. I think that's quite an easy concept to grasp as why would we want to fund the club who are taking their own fans to court. I personally feel proud to be part of it and standing together with the common man who hasn't been able to afford to defend themselves in court. Those that could have generally won. Maybe you lot wouldn't have the morals to do such a thing or that's what you are at least implying.

    It's quite remarkable that you could have a different opinion when the whole of the football nation sees it. Then again it would be boring if you had the same opinion wouldn't it which is why you are spouting absolute bullshit!
    What have I "spouted" there that is "bullshit"?

    I have taken the details off a timeline created (but not updated) by a Lashers fan blog.

    Blame them if it's bullshit!


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