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Thread: Mini Nintendo

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    I am a bit pissed off in my latter years, games are utter crap nowadays, I loved the beginning of video games, but today the whole genre has become useless.

    Remember looking forward to Championship Manager next release, who plays that anymore, who plays anything anymore?

    I did try to get back into computer games this year and bought Witcher 3, cost me with expansion 45, ok for a few days but then became monotonous, the video game industry is fucked, dead a and totally useless.

    My game was World of Warcraft, played it from 2006, and it was superd, had to subscribe, but worth it, now it is a plastic game for people that have fuck all to do.

    Packed in playing video games, MMO's al of them, waste of time.

    Remember Football Manager, who plays that today?
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    Received last week.

    Great fun.
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    I love this new little console it's great!
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