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Another pervert in youth football?

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    Originally posted by Regardless View Post
    Interesting! Wonder what drove him to do it. What was in his mind. A challenge? Stupidity? Greed? Mischief?

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      2 points:

      1, his picture is still on the Tapatalk version of the thread title and I can see and recognise the fella in question.

      2, I know that, any person in a position of trust be it policeman, teacher, doctor, football coach etc etc, can not abuse that position of trust with anyone regardless of age otherwise they risk suspension and severe implications with the police in the continuation of any future employment.

      You can have a relationship with someone you have had a trustful relationship with granted they are over 18, are of sound mind and you havenít been in a position of trust with that person for at least 2 years. Apparently all that makes a big difference.

      So for instance a 24 year old teacher could start a relationship with an 18 year old ex pupil for instance. However they couldnít if they were at the sixth form, if that makes sense. They would have to wait until the person left and would wait a further 2 years.

      This is why this football coach is in trouble - that and the fact there are also 15 year olds involved too.

      FWIW I never understand why some people find much younger girls/boys attractive I was only really interested in my own age group - give or take a few years.

      Especially if those are people you are supposedly in care of at that moment in time or recent time.

      In loco parentis. Look it up if you arenít familiar with it.


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        Originally posted by Regardless View Post
        that's a fair counter-argument, and I can't say which is more difficult. I was thinking that a sociable young coach, working with 17 yr olds, is surely going to identify much more intimately with the players... whereas someone fifty-plus would find it much easier to set themselves aside and keep things on a 'professional' footing. And whilst we older ones might have some adapting to do, we're more experienced in life and less impetuous and less driven by hormones!

        I was also going to say that we're less likely to fall foul of injudicious use of Twitface and other social media. But thinking about it, it seems that people of all generations get themselves in trouble posting stuff that they later regret!
        Can I say that is complete bollocks.

        I was 22 when I started teaching and I was completely professional in my 10years in the job. Some of the comments from some girls and boys where a little unprofessional at times, but you set them clear boundaries as with all inappropriate behaviour in the classroom/corridors and you then move on. If anything serious happened I would have reported it. I only once had to do so, and that girl was then told that her behaviour was inappropriate by the deputy head. It then stopped after that.

        If someone is of the mindset to be unprofessional - they will be unprofessional at whatever age. There was a case at my school - who I actually replaced, funnily enough, he was in his late 50s.

        Iím not saying young teachers arenít unprofessional in that regard, the comments Iíve heard over the years make you cringe sometimes. But that can be from women and men doing their first year right through to their last!

        However the kids can also be unprofessional, but what you have to understand is that until they are 18 (in some cases even 21!!!) they are still kids or acting like kids and should be treated as such and given boundaries. Or simply passed on to someone higher I you think your job is in jeopardy!