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  • Ps2 Max Drives

    If anybody is interested in buying a Max Drive they are avalible in Game in two weeks time they have been waiting for the order to come through and its taken six weeks its a joke but now hopefully they will be here in two weeks time

    Plus have any of you got a ps2 Pro5 patch for when i get my max drive thankyou

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    Re: Ps2 Max Drives

    go on the option files forum on They have great patches. Proper kits, names etc. Theres even a championship file with north end on!


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      Re: Ps2 Max Drives

      Does that mean you download stuff from the Internet, which then goes into your PS2? Kind of a like a PEN drive?

      One like this...
      There is a block in your toilet.


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        Re: Ps2 Max Drives

        Cheers Mate Thats Brilliant