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    Originally posted by Tino View Post
    I’ve just done the usual phone call to Sky to reduce my “unaffordable” bill. The first offer they made was still unaffordable so I declined it but when I asked about Sky Q they offered it me at no extra cost so if you haven’t got it yet it might be worth looking at.

    i didn’t bother and got a further £15 a month off my bill instead. So £35 a month off the full price it was going to go to. Never just let your price go up without a call. I didn’t even need to mention leaving to get money off.

    And as of November 1st they’re doing an ultimate on demand package which is box sets and Netflix for £10 a month. Box sets is £5 a month and Netflix £10 is it?
    I moved house a few weeks ago and had to start all over with Sky, my contact was because the dish was naff because its an apartment and it doesn't get the right they say. They then tried to get me to take other packages, but I resisted at that point, they sent the engineer some 3 days later, nice guy and we chatted whilst he worked, he told me that the engineers now have a special set up where they can get a better deal for you, providing they're at the home and doing work there. I ended up getting sky box set etc and also sky Q and sky plus for nothing, I also now have the full package for less than I was on before and before I didn't even have sky sports previously. Now you might think that's amazing, it is, except anyone will tell you I don't know how to use a microwave let along a sky box or remote !!!!


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      Originally posted by LostinSpace View Post

      I pay £80 for Sky Q, that's all channels in HD and some in 4HD.

      It's expensive but both my kids get it included too so really it's less than £30 each and me and the Mrs have multi-room at home.
      We pretty much pay the same, with a similar package. Like you say, the multi-room feature is a god send for the kid's.

      I still go via the 'cancellation' route, and have been doing for years, which contradicts an earlier poster, but guess it just depends on who you get through to on the day, and what mood they are in.