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The Belokon vs Oyston Court Case

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  • Originally posted by leftbackdarton View Post
    That is true in the current situation. In fact, I'd rather go to Deepdale.
    Once a gloryhunter always a gloryhunter.

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    • So, this 31.27million that the nasty Oystons illegitimatly stripped from the club...

      Once the weekly columns by the BST and the 75-strong protests by the Tangerine Knights have forced the Oystons to leave the keys of the club with the not dodgy at all Latvian banker...

      And the courts have ensured full and final payment has been made to Belekon...

      The whole 31.27million plus interest is definitely 100% guaranteed to be reinvested in the club by Mr Belekon isn't it? I mean, it's how long since the judgement? Surely a man who loves the club (no, not the rapist, the other one) would have come out and assured fans the the money would not be legitimately stripped from the club?

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      • Guys this needs to be done, Vote the O's as the Best Club Owner
        3 Butter Pies and a coke please : D


        • Bumper January for the Oystons. They've given Sunderland a 7,800 away allocation for New Year's Day!

          Another 120,000 for Belekon to steal* away from the club...

          *When I say "steal" I mean perfectly legally, legitimately strip according to a Court of Law...
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          Still laughing at the Cesspool keyboard protesters