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Club-developed player rule - for 2018-19

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  • Club-developed player rule - for 2018-19

    Apologies in advance if this discussion has already occurred on the forum. I tried searching.

    The PNE academy, or rather its history, has greater importance this year (2018-19) than in previous ones.

    There's a new EFL rule that at least one player who is a product of the academy must be in the first team squad of 18 players for every league game this season.

    So far, both Davies and Earl have been fit to play, most of the time. (More on that)

    However, Earl is definitely suspended for the QPR game.

    Therefore, has anyone got an injury update on Davies ?

    Here's a reference for the rule and a quote :
    "A homegrown player is defined as a player who has been registered with an FA or FAW affiliated club for three seasons prior to his 21st birthday, while a club-developed player is one who has been with their current team for at least 12 months prior to the end of their U19 season."

    Should Davies not be in the squad for QPR, solutions include using Hudson as the backup 'keeper or including Baxter or O'Reilly in the squad of 18. Or another second-year scholar.

    (Armer *would* qualify, as would Lyons. Has Armer just had appendicitis ? Is Lyons loaned out or back now ?)

    Whilst this rule might turn out not to be an issue for the QPR game, it could easily occur several times during the season.

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    Would Alan Browne not fit into this category?
    Oh let me get my hands on those .....


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      My information is that Alan Browne joined in Jan 2014, age 18. The season 2013-14 was his U19 year.

      If that's correct he was at the club for 6 months before his personal cut-off date.

      Be interesting to have that confirmed however ...


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        I believe Armer will be out for a while due to illness, however I have been told its temporary and a full recovery is expected and that he is highly rated. I also heard Lyons has left the club and is back in Ireland. Baxter, OReilly and Walker will obviously make that category however believe Davies is close to a return.


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          Good information Tower. Disappointing if that's the case with Lyons.


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            Good find re the regs - I wonder if other clubs follow them - or the EFL enforce them.?

            Davies wasnt quite ready for yesterday but I suspect - if Hunts & or Clarke are injured next week - Ben might make the bench ! he walked up the steps ok yesterday.

            If Browne doesnt fi the rules then not sure what we'd do - Armer and possibly Walker are injured / recovering from Ops.
            Baxter & OReilly are in positions we dont need players for the bench.

            Lyons was a good lad and I am surprised if he has gone home, but have no info on it.

            maybe Gally can pass as our' youth product?


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              Regarding Lyons not certain he has left permanently. I agree he had great potential but just kept picking up injuries at wrong times. Left sided CBs are like rocking horse s... as well.....


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                With this rule, the requirement can be met by putting (say) Baxter in the 18 (or even an unfit Davies). You still have 6 other subs.

                If you want to have 7 meaningful subs, perhaps selecting Hudson is the answer because there's a 99% chance he won't be needed.

                At least the NE academy has produced a keeper who is still here.

                Browne turned 19 in Apr 2014, so he was 19 by the start of the 2014-15 season. That was my thinking for him not qualifying...


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                  Sports Rehab: just returning to your point about implementation and policing, I wondered whether each of the EFL clubs was required to declare a list of players at the start of each season who are claimed to be products of the academy.

                  Separately, I thought that first-year scholars would not count.

                  I'll be checking the academy thread for any update you have on Lyons and Stead. Fascinating stuff.


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                    Excellent research, epsilon. I was completely unaware of that ruling.
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                    Justin Welby


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                      Thanks very much raefil.

                      Just to fill in one gap: PNE played without both Earl and Davies twice this season already.

                      So it's not that hard for the rule to be invoked.

                      However, for other reasons, on 29 Dec and 1 Jan, NE already had products of the academy in the 18-man squad.

                      So this particular issue never got raised.


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                        Could we put Hudson on the bench?


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                          Pretty sure it doesn't have to be our own academy so there's no issue at all.

                          I'd say the vast majority of our squad must meet this bit "...a player who has been registered with an FA or FAW affiliated club for three seasons prior to his 21st birthday..."


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                            Read the first link. We need to have 7 homegrown players in total, fitting that criteria. One of those has to be club developed.
                            I love you Woodsy.


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                              Yes, Hudson on the bench would be a solution. Maybe either Rudd or Ripley would not object for one game.

                              I believe that the two rules : homegrown and club-developed are intended to be taken separately. To illustrate that, there could be a 16yo or 17yo Irish player who signs up for the NE academy and becomes a product of the academy (therefore club-developed) but never meets the criteria of homegrown.

                              Admittedly that's unlikely and probably not worth considering.

                              (For it to happen the player would have to go on loan for several seasons, say, back to Ireland.)