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    Originally posted by flippinheck View Post
    Players will be leaving . We also receive a lot more money from TV this season .
    Got the figures for that?


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      I've renewed my season ticket.

      There's enough exciting or new players at the club as it stands. Yes a striker would top it off but equally show your financial support and we might have more reason to spend.

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        Originally posted by Nishtar36 View Post
        We have a £10 million striker.

        We have a £15 million midfielder.

        We have a £5 million defender.

        Just because we didn’t pay that for them doesn’t mean we should go out and spend big on other players when it really isn’t necessary. The club are clearly still trying to add 1/2 players and we’ve already made a few first team signings.
        Spot on, anyone who thinks we can compete with the 'big spenders' are deluded. Villa were paying 40-50k a week on player salaries last season and look where that got them. I'd like to hear from those who would like us to spend more, how much do they think we should spend. Forget, transfer fees, they are virtually irrelevant, as it would be feasible to build a squad of free transfers and loans that would win the league if you were prepared to pay high enough wages. So how much should we be prepared to pay, bearing in mind that you would destroy team spirit if the whole squad isn't on similar money.
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