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    Originally posted by HeyshamWhite View Post
    Stoke have always been cocky bastards. They always seemed to think they were a cut above back in the days when the had Mark Stein up front for them

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    Well letís put both these cocky feckers in their place in the next couple of games. Stoke fans arenít as cocky since Leeds kicked their sorry little butts and like another poster put on here Swansea thought this game was in the bag until their board have sold several of their priced assets. Part squad or full squad weíd have given them a game.


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      Originally posted by FredElseFlyer View Post
      1964 Villa Park 2-1 TONY SINGLETON

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      Apart from that one time :-) Don't forget, we weren't playing in Swansea so it doesn't count.


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        Itís not a very happy hunting ground for us, although I have tasted success at the Liberty wearing Ulster Rugby colours.

        Itís a better day out than it was a few years ago when we got beat in the cup.


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          In laws are from Swansea and have given the tip that a new brewery has opened over the road from the ground called 'Boss Brewery' that has an attached drinking hole. They recommend it for match days.
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            Originally posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
            Will probably underestimate us as well because they have been in the Premier League they have a god given right to beat us tomorrow.
            Interesting thread.


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              They were good first half. Very good. Moved it so well, positionally fantastic and good on the counter.
              I'm back.