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Server/Database Issues - Ongoing Developments

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  • Server/Database Issues - Ongoing Developments

    I would like to apologise for the downtime overnight.

    Over the last couple of weeks it has become apparent that the size of our database (over 2.5million posts) is causing a few conflicts between our server and the forum software in terms of maintaining the site.

    Sadly this led to yesterday's scheduled back up failing.

    Therefore we have lost posts from the past 48 hours, which included a few new threads.

    If you play the prediction league I suggest you check your prediction is still there and if not enter it again.

    I apologise for this and hopefully it will never happen again.

    I do not intend on completing any non urgent tasks now until we have another update prior to Christmas which should speed everything up nicely and give me a bit more flexibility to customise the site.

    Sorry again and I hope it has not spoilt your enjoyment of the forum too much.

    Thank you to everyone who continues to support the forum both in terms of being a poster, viewer or one of our valuable forum patrons. The forum will soon be celebrating its 15th Birthday and I hope you have seen I am determined to push the forum forward and we can be around and add free for another 15 years.

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