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November Update

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  • November Update

    When I took over the forum I promised that I would keep you all updated with on-going forum developments.

    I was aware of the connectivity issues on Saturday which effected users accessing the Match Day Thread and therefore have been working every evening this week to ensure this does not happen again. I fully appreciate that many users donate to the running costs of the forum and there should not be any non scheduled downtime.

    Below is a short summary of improvements completed this week.
    • With the high and often unpredictable levels of traffic experienced on PNE-Online I have amended the way the forum stores data to speed up connections and prevent and connectivity/sporadic downtime.
    • I have upgraded our server connectivity to the very latest software which should improve connection speeds and functionality of the forum overall and made us future proof.
    • I have upgraded to the brand new forum software which was only launched this morning.
    • Improved optimisation of all forum settings.
    • Added Facebook Connectivity - Users can now register or log in via two click Facebook Connectivity. This should make it easier for users to log in, especially for those who have had previous issues with password recognition.
    • Twitter Log In - Similar to facebook this will enable users to log in via Twitter - I should be able to implement this soon.
    • All new threads in PNE-Discussions are shared on twitter @pneonline and Facebook - To encourage more debate and new users.
    • I have been trying to customise the site as we go along whilst trying to ensure functionality across all viewing platforms.
    • Improved graphic, favicon and improved match day threads.
    Going Forward
    • I am aware that a small number of users are disappointed that we no longer support tapatalk, as explained elsewhere this is for security concerns. Therefore the plan is to have our own dedicated IOS and Android apps. However this will involve a significant outlay in terms of finances and time so please bare with me on this one.
    • New forum header/design - Shabbagaz is currently designing some shiny new headers which we hope to reveal soon.
    • General tidying up, error logging and gradual design and functionality functions.
    • Taking on board any suggestions and trying to implement them if feasible
    • Review patrons extra functions and how we can give you that little bit extra as a thank you for supporting the site.
    Thank You for your patience whilst all this has been on-going and once again would like to thank everyone who visits PNE-Online and keeps us at the number one Preston related forum.

    A extra special thank you to all our patrons who not only keep us online and add free. If you would like to support the forum you can do so be clicking the link below, you can donate to the forum from as little as 5.50.

    Please support PNE-Online by becoming a FORUM PATRON