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  • Little updates.

    As you may be aware we had a little downtime the other day as I prepared to upgrade the forum.

    On Thursday we went live with the most recent version of the current platform for the forum and I wanted to update you on what we have been up to.

    Forum Version - We are now running with the most up to date (and final) version of this current forum. As mentioned elsewhere we hope to eventually upgrade to the very latest software... when I have news on that I will let you know but clearly getting this site running and working correctly is the priority whilst having as little downtime as possible.

    I am going through the site bit by bit fixing little things. Some things you will notice and other things you won't.

    You should now be able to see the buttons for editing posts etc above each post.

    Quote Function - I know this has been highly irritating for many users alongside duplicate posting, hopefully this latest fix will have sorted this.

    Videos - You can now add various different types of videos to posts including You Tube and Facebook.

    As we add new or old functions I will let you know.

    Tapatalk We are now running on the very latest version for those who access the site this way.

    GDPR - Both versions Vbulletin and Tapatalk are fully compliant to the new data regulations, whilst as a forum we are not specifically obliged to be part of these new regs we are going to review the forum guidelines and rules in due course to see how we can ensure users privacy.

    Security Certificate - Fully up to date!

    Thank You To everyone who has already pledged to support the forum by renewing or supporting us for the first time by coming a forum patron - If you would like to help support the forum and ensure we stay online then you can do so at
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