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Major Forum Upgrade - Planned Downtime (Please Read)

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  • Major Forum Upgrade - Planned Downtime (Please Read)

    The Boring Bit - What have we done to date.

    When I took the helm of PNE-Online the first priority was to debug the site as best as I could which overall I think we have cleared and we have not had any unplanned downtime since prior to the handover. This has not been a simple job and there are still a few issues (such as the search function) which need addressing.

    I have also upgraded the sites security certificate which you may have noticed it now shows as https in your address bar. There is one small minor issue with 3rd party images (from non secure sites) due to the huge forum database which once addressed you will see a lovely little padlock and we will be fully SSL Secure.

    As you may have seen we are making some staff changes to allow for more accountability and help prevent any issues that we had over the past two years whilst giving all patrons a bigger say in how the site is run. - You can read more here Here

    The Exciting bit - Major Forum Upgrade

    All of the above has been leading to the purchase of brand new Vbulletin Software which will allow PNE-Online to remain the number one PNE and Preston Community for years to come.

    I am delighted to say that this new software will be installed over the next week.

    It may take a little bit of time to fully customise the site but the standard new layout and user friendly focus of the site will hopefully make it easier for you to both read and join in the debates on the forum.

    It will be far easier to add links, images, videos and the like, whilst also adding social media interaction for those who are that way inclined.

    I also intend on upgrading tapatalk to make accessing the site on mobiles more user friendly and yes the dirty orange tapatalk branding will be removed and the irritating "posted from tapatalk blah blah will also be removed".

    I hope to keep forum downtime to a minimum but wanted to give you all advance warning incase you can't access the site for a few hours.

    Keeping PNE-Online alive could not be done without our patrons who contribute to the running of the site. If you would like to gain a few benefits such as voting in or taking part in mod elections you can find out how to become a patron from as little as 5.50 Here

    Thanks for your support and I hope you all like the new forum when it goes live.
    Please support PNE-Online by becoming a FORUM PATRON