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    Frankie McAvoy

    I happened to look at that for some reason a few weeks ago. One name missing from your list is Ally McCoist. May not have played much of his football in England but was still a good striker with a great sense of humour. Obviously the sense of humour was not a trait from Belshill or Alex Neil...
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    50 Years...

    10 mins was all it took for the players to have a half time ciggy & a cup of tea.
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    RIP Frankie Worthington

    Sorry if I upset anyone with my post. I had just read the earlier post from The Telegraph obituary and thought I would add to it. I have the greatest respect for Frank as a player & a character. Maybe the suggestion that Alex Neil would not have given him the game time that John McGrath did...
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    Can anyone defend him now?

    Are you Alex Neil?
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    Can anyone defend him now?

    What's wrong with giving a player at the end of his career a chance. Moyes, Dalglish & Neil at Hamilton spring to mind.
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    Best Transfer Season Ever?

    You're correct. I got mixed up. We did beat them on 3 consecutive occasions in the league prior to the play off final.
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    Best Transfer Season Ever?

    That was a couple of years earlier. Wasn't that the game where Fuller did his knee & got up off the stretcher to chase some fan. Beat West Ham home & away as well as the cup that year,I think.
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    Match Day - PNE v AFC Bournemouth - 06/03/21 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    You've done it now. He's going to score.
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    Former PNE Players Thread

    Now we know who ate all the pies.
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    Callum Davidson first final as manager

    When Grezza was taking penalties I kept saying one of these days he's going to miss one. He did against Brum in the play-off semi. Luckily Rankine got him out of jail.
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    Callum Davidson first final as manager

    Didn't he find out towards the end of his career with North End that one leg was longer than the other & a chiropractor recommended built up insoles in his footwear which alleviated a lot of his injury problems. Have others on the forum heard the same?
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    Late December back in 2019.

    It was very ambitious, seen as a route to the play offs & the premier league, but Neil coached the attacking instinct out of Sinclair & the wheels fell off. The big 4 would have played out off their skins if the play offs became achievable.
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    Late December back in 2019.

    Somebody mentioned a few months ago that the arrival of Sinclair had something to do with it. The club pushed tha boat out & paid him a lot more than the so called big 4. Did the big 4 switch off then? I don't think that anyone would argue that Pearson was never the same player again.
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    Late December back in 2019.

    Yeh you're right. Even Ben Pearson managed to score against Barnsley.