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    Early summer transfer gossip

    Announcement tomorrow or Friday?
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    Early summer transfer gossip

    Heard Mary had a little lamb......... on her new club badge ;)
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    Frankie McAvoy appointed new head coach (Confirmed).

    Good to see you giving him your support - I'm sure he'll appreciate it.
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    Liam Lindsay signs permenantly from Stoke (Confirmed)

    Welcome back Liam. Hope you show the doubters how you have continued to improve match by match.
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    Do we want the Lashers promoted?

    Football and Blackpool - two words that should never be used together. This thread should be cast into the wilderness of forgetfulness as this is a football forum. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS :)
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    Should the PNE players take the knee ??

    The choice should be for each individual player to decide. Personally I think it is losing it's original meaning and impact becoming "white noise" to many (not just football fans).
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    Season Tickets (Confirmed Details pg5. Post 100)

    Normally I'm unimpressed with anything The Riddler dreams up but this time I think he's done a good job for ST holders (not me) and I hope people appreciate it. WELL DONE PETER
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    Season Tickets (Confirmed Details pg5. Post 100)

    Will they announce VDB loan agreed tomorrow? Can't see them just touting ST unless there's a price reduction
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    Season Tickets (Confirmed Details pg5. Post 100)

    ST will not come out until the team has a stellar signing to help get some enthusiasm from the fans. of course this good news will be offset by a ticket price increase to help pay for all new arrivals (and HMRC) ps I forgot to say "stellar" can have a different meaning to either club or fans
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    Do we want the Lashers promoted?

    Let them fill the kop - imagine all those disappointed fans when we beat them. The more the merrier
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    Early summer transfer gossip

    Any odds at present are just pure guesswork. When the transfers in and out and the makeup of teams are known, then that will be when some idea of which teams will or will not struggle. Can't see us being any better than past few years whilst current transfer policies are in place so my GUESS is 13th
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    He's only as good as the advice he gets. Unfortunately it's appearing that this is limited to coming from one man only.
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    Liam Lindsay joins on loan (Confirmed)

    It's a combination of players wages, Sky, agents, match entrance fees and transfer fees - in other words, money splashing about in the wrong places.