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    South Africa.

    As many of you know I lived in SA for over thirty years and left to comeback home early 2020. We still have our youngest boy and many mates in Joburg and have been obviously concerned about the unrest and violence. The country is going through a rough time rioting, lockdown, Eskom power cuts and...
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    England in the Euros.

    Good off you good then with your endless negativity
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    Euros 2020

    The longer the game went the more the Portuguese resorted to rolling all over the floor as soon as they were tapped. Glad Belgium did a job on them, its worth just to see Ronaldo with a monk on. I was amused at half time with Ian Wright's comments on Ronaldo and free kicks. some truth in what he...
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    Andrew Neil’s alternative BBC

    Watched GB News a few times, good debates and an attempt to have more regional views aired. I'll stick with it anything as an alternative to BBC and Sky News snowflake editorials
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    Euros 2020

    Death or glory game on Friday for the barbarians from the North. As usual it'll built to be that they will play with more passion to beat the old enemy. This isn't Rugby Union where you can go in hard and smash someone in the ruck. International football requires a measured approach and taking...
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    Test Cricket 2021

    We cant continue to pick Sibley. Lawrence, Pope and Crawley one or two of them have to go which will happen when Stokes and Butler come back. Not looking good for the Ashes or the upcoming series with India
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    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    Yep enjoyed Time when McGovern writes something and Bean and Graham are in it not surprisingly its good. I was hoping it would go on a bit longer really.
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    England in the Euros.

    Trippier maybe be in for the dead ball delivery. If he had stuck with Ward Prowse he could have played instead of Phillips and Shaw in. I have an uneasy feeling that we go one nil down early in the second half another twenty mins of doing jack shit then he as a desperate last throw of the dice...
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    Should the PNE players take the knee ??

    just like yourself then
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    Should the PNE players take the knee ??

    This going down on one knee its utter nonsense from across the pond. If players want to unite against racism before a game use another gesture. This would be better supporter by the vast majority of fans and move to the unity that is required. I wont boo the knee nonsense but I wont applaud it...
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    England in the Euros.

    Sterling and Rashford do nothing for me both overrated. I thought Saka was one of the better ones against Austria. Foden, Grealish, Mount sounds interesting but I dont suppose they'll get a run together. Shaw was last night for England, as he has been for Utd is one of the best attacking...
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    The Championship Playoffs Thread.

    Living in Ealing. Brentford is my nearest team, even though they've moved from Griffin Park to their new stadium. I know a few Bees fans from the pub I frequent in Ealing The Old Hat a good set of lads. Pleased they've gone up proper club and they deserve their day in the sun. It must have been...
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    Villareal v Man Utd

    Getting back to the game I thought Shaw was Utd's best player in the last few times I've watched them Shaw has been effective in defensive and delivers the best quality going forward. Pogba is a joke and Rashford has a shocker. I hope he doesn't get anywhere the starting line up for the Euros.
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    Local lockdown

    I meant bullet proof from the forthcoming session not CoVID
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    Local lockdown

    Wld I went for my second one early as I'll be back up in Preston over the long weekend when my second appointment was due. I looked at changing my appointment online, but was concerned that I'd have to cancel and then get a new earlier appointment. Looked a bit risky. So I wandered off to the...