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    This corona virus thing...

    👍 about 20 consecutive rides on the waltzer for us.
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    Who is your gas/electric with and how much do you pay?

    We have a 4 bed detached and pay 181 a month with the peoples energy company. All very socialist here. About 120 of that is electricity which considering we have gas central heating and hot water I find impossible to fathom. No idea what is using all the power up. Have bought a contraption...
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    Connor Ripley

    It wasn't Gould, but it was whoever was the goalkeeping coach at the time, yes. He had been scouted and came with a high recommendation. Within a few weeks of him arriving the rest of the coaching staff realised he was never going to make it.
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    The Labour Party are cockwombles .....

    He is right. The party that todays university students and the metropolitan class of the big cities vote for cannot be the same party that the working class of Hartlepool vote for. Their values and priorities are mutually incompatible . I logged on to the guardian website this morning and...
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    Mega Mosque at Broughton

    It’s funny how things change around. My grandma and grandad lived in the area all their lives and moved out to Walton le dale in the 1970’s quoting similar reasons, about how the neighbourhood was going downhill since the influx of new immigrants.
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    Early summer transfer gossip

    I’ve just put on another thread how the squad lacks balance due to poor recruitment strategy. Looking at that underlines it You e a few missing though) And it shows the lack of quality. Id like us to run with a squad of 25 something like this : 3 x Gk 2 x rb ( inc one who can play wing...
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    Anthony Gordon

    My worry too. We have traditionally been a good place for players to come on loan and enhance their careers ( started by one Mr Beckham) and that has helped us attract other decent players. The lack of any real strategy for the first team squad over the past 12 months has cost us dearly in...
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    European Super League

    I thought this would happen, certainly with Chelsea. For abranovic Chelsea is not much more than a form of money laundering, and he is not in it for the profit. Of the 4 remaining , 3 are run by yanks to whom this makes perfect sense , and the other is practically bust and in desperate...
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    North End walk.

    Completely agree. I’m not embarrassed about our club or the stewards from this incident. That is what they are instructed to do from higher authorities, again with reason. They acted politely and properly. Not sure when this was taken, but football grounds are a known potential target for...
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    PNEFC - Can you ever imagine fan ownership?

    Our fans can’t even organise gentry day without falling out. Heaven help us trying to decide on running the actual club 😁
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    European Super League

    Stupid idea. They just need to find a way to be financially viable. And that means players at every level taking a realistic wage for the income generated. Maybe players for those clubs have to drop from £1500 to £600 a week. Still a decentish wage for many of those lads.
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    European Super League

    There was a Wolves fan on the news at lunchtime complaining about the bigger fans dictating their way with their superior financial clout. The irony......
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    White Ball Cricket 2021

    Lots of uproar over the proposed European Super League for football and indignation on the BBC and Sky. Yet in my view exactly the same thing has been allowed to happen in cricket with the disgusting 100 competition. Excluding smaller counties and chucking them a few scraps of money to keep...
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    Stop the European Super League Petition

    Im happy for it to go ahead. Provided of course that the clubs involved are expelled from all domestic competitions. My only slight reservation is I know plenty of genuine, Manchester based, City and United fans who are totally against this and would be unfairly penalised.
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    European Super League

    I don’t agree with this. It risks undermining other competitions that are nothing to do with the plan. It is not Raheem Sterling and Marcus rashfords fault this has happened. Plays right in to the hands of the owners of the clubs who are not English, see no revenue from international games...