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    England in the Euros.

    John Stones, and its not even close. The debates come as Maguire has done his ankle ligaments, should be fit for the Euros though.
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    England in the Euros.

    My team: Pickford Trent Stones Maguire/Godfrey if Maguire is injured. Chilwell Rice Bellingham Sancho Mount Foden Kane I imagine Gareth will go with this. Henderson Trippier Walker Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Phillips Mount Sterling Kane
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    Message to supporters from Peter Ridsdale.

    An absolute disgrace of a comment with what this shower have served up this season. This squad have consistently failed, bottled and thrown away good positions since we were promoted. If he doesn’t think they need replacing then we are in a lot of trouble. Wish he’d fuck off mentioning the HMRC
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    Sky Sports and BT Sports

    I agree. Sheffield United will get 180 million pounds for what they’ve served up this season. City got 100k for winning the League Cup. Whole football structure needs changing. I think theres only 60 odd million difference in prize money between last and first. Id make the winners of the Prem...
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    Do we want the Lashers promoted?

    Just for this piss up, and the fact my new work colleague is a Poo fan.
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    England in the Euros.

    Absolute travesty if he’s not included in the starting 11. 22 goal contributions in 18 games and 1 trophy since January.
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    The Premier league so far this season.

    Me. Englands number 1 shown up, absolutely dreadful. And one of Englands best players dropping a MOTM performance in a German Cup final, 3 goal contributions, and probably wont start at the Euros
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    England in the Euros.

    Sancho with 2 goals, an assist, and a motm performance in the German cup final tonight.
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    The Premier league so far this season.

    Who was telling me on here Hendersons a good kweper. He’s utter gash
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    The Premier league so far this season.

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    Frankie McAvoy appointed new head coach (Confirmed).

    Somethings telling me this guy is going to be a success. Based on absolutely nothing other than a gut feeling. Might just be me wanting him to do well, seems just a proper normal bloke. Nothing will be better than an absolute shithouse performance away from home, winning 1-0, and wee Frankie...
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    Four youth team players sign pro contracts (Confirmed)..

    Not sure the obsession of pushing youth even when they aren’t good enough. (We don’t) but youth players are used to save owners spending money on actual competent footballers. If they’re not good enough get rid. Not a nursery.
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    Season Ticket Marketing Strategies

    Dont hold your breath JK. I suggested cheaper season tickets and was shot down, as if some are happy paying upwards of £300. Fans need to stop thinking they’re accountants.
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    How much control does Peter Ridsdale have?

    Can imagine Beet throwing targets to Ridsdale who we should be signing. Can see Ridsdale replying ‘Ive been in football 35 years now, longer than you’ve been alive. I actually watched that player on Quest the other night on the highlights, and I wasn’t impressed. Let me write a statement for...
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    25-man squad rules

    I agree with it. Too many clubs carry players for sentimental reasons or so there rivals don’t have them. Not good enough you’re not in squad, pretty simple.