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    Matchday Thread Wigan Athletic v Preston North End - 30/07/22 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Wigan were very physical and out muscled our midfield. I thought defence coped well but there was little quality in their front line apart from Lang. How will they defend against trickery or real pace? Browne was poor but not alone in giving the ball away. I thought Woodman did well and came off...
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    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    No. Genuinely not me and I didn’t read that post or else I wouldn’t have mentioned it.
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    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    Speaking to some friends who know RL well have said that he was genuinely shocked at the wages PNE were paying. He has a tough job in my opinion mainly because who knows if we are serious about gaining promotion or are we just hoping for a miracle. To have any chance of the 6th spot we need to...
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    Pre season plans

    Agree. I know it will never happen but my idea would be to offer relegated premiership teams parachute money, so they can keep their high earners/avoid financial ruin etc, in exchange for a points handicap. Suggest -6points at the start or they can forgo the money and start on a par with the...
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    Plans to reintroduce hot food takeaway

    Totally agree. How about vending machines for the kids. Seems a waste to wait behind kids buying sweets/soft drinks.
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    CONFIRMED Season Ticket Prices Released 2022/23 (12k Sold)

    Bought ours this week(Dad n lad). Son is old enough to go on the Town end now so glad to move out of the family stand, Staff were really helpful in the ticket office pleased to say. Might even sneak a few away trips. We cannot wait.
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    There is a lot more to come from Riis. He regularly makes runs across the back line looking for the ball into the channel and instead the pass is sideways or back. He is better chasing down towards the opposition goal than with his back to goal and a defender pushing him. He has a powerful shit...
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    Match Day - PNE v The Plastics - 25/04/22 - KO:19:30 - Championship

    Firstly, did anyone listen Frankie being interviewed on Radio Lancs before the game? No wonder we are crap. There is no way that man would persuade PR/CH to part with money for a player. He couldn’t convince me that he even had desires to live another week. Ryan Lowe’s biggest challenge is to...
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    Bare with me please. Last few games I believe DJ tries to pick Archer over Riis. Maybe he is right but Riis would get more chances/goals if he was played in more. He could be on over 20 goals and his value goes up. We would have an asset to sell to fund new players. Not easy but when we are...
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    A mid-table finish, but where can RL take us next season?

    I’ll say it again re. Lowe v MaCavoy. I don’t believe Archer or another striker of his quality would be with us had Frankie been in charge. It would still be Maguire and I would not be getting out of my seat when he collected the ball. It’s fine margins and Archer, Sinclair Riis and Evans have...
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    Match Day - PNE v Reading - 19/02/22 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Firstly, I thought the home fans on the Kop added extra atmosphere and long may I it continue when possible. Steve Cooper scurried into the Finney as we walked past and if he thinks that we play like that every week he must be counting the 3 points already. Can we really make have as many...
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    Match Day - Hull City v PNE - 05/02/22 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Who actually believes that Frankie would have brought Archer to Deepdale? It is so good to have a real talented goal scorer at the club. It‘s been a long wait.
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    Cameron Archer Signs on Loan (Confirmed - January 2022)

    I would’ve loved the video of Euxton even more if Lowe had caught Maguire and Sinclair having a ciggie round the back.
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    Match Day - Cardiff City v PNE - 09/01/22 - KO:14:00 - FA Cup 3rd Round

    Brum manager watching that says let them have the ball at the back, fill in the middle and when they try and pass to the wingbacks, just block the outside. They have no tricks or pace to go past us so will go backwards/sideways until a mistake is made or they go long. Close Whiteman and Johnson...