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    Sky Super 6

    Super 6 back on tomorrow with the six Bundesliga games.
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    Yankee pre kick off huddle.....

    Isnt it called the world series because it was started by a newspaper called "The World"? Or something like that?
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    Music Preston have run out to

    Sorry Joeheadland, no offence but I'm not that bothered about the results of the research in regards to football and music and genuinely dont want to appear to mock or belittle your work but I am extremely interested in hearing how many of the other places you have asked have ended up querying...
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    Music Preston have run out to

    Bloody hell, hearing that Carl Orff has got me fired up. Would love hear that played before matches again. Currently having some decent flashbacks at the moment!
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    Match Day - PNE v Luton Town - 14/10/2019 - KO:15:00- Championship

    Better late than never - our match report. The match wasnt a classic but its always good to get the three points. I enjoyed seeing Nugent doing a lap of the pitch before kick off, he bloody loves us doesnt he. The kids were good as gold, didnt need a trip to the loo, really enjoyed the butter...
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    Match Day - PNE v Luton Town - 14/10/2019 - KO:15:00- Championship

    I usually read the matchday threads without ever posting in them but we are going on the Finney as a family today. The girls (five and six) are proper looking forward to it and I will be reading this back later tonight to see what Ive missed while distracted by them while the match is on. Cheers...
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    Former PNE Goal Keeper joins Liverpool

    He's playing for them tonight against Sevilla. Lonners that is.
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    Bollocks to Paddy Power but class move with the shirt. How much revenue does a shirt sponsor generate? Seen some australian kits and they seem to be trying to look like formula one cars. Sponsored shorts anyone?
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    Great Birchwood Country Park/Fort San Antone?

    We're not going for the line dancing but a few of us are heading to this spot for a stag do in a couple of weeks and not knowing the area well enough I was wondering if there were any recommendations for decent boozers/chippies or kebab shops nearby in case what's on site is crap/overpriced or...
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    Quoting posts.

    As I'm on a posting frenzy, can I suggest that there's no need to quote everything that you agree or disagree with? Just use their name eh? It's what you'd do in real life and helps stop a full page of full page quotes with a one liner tagged on the bottom of each one. It doesn't make for good...