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    The positivity thread

    Woodrow didn't play for Barnsley today due to speculation of him joining the mighty whites.
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Davis looked very composed for someone who not a prolific goal scorer with that finish. Showed pace running through, he looks a bit of a beast as well. I'd have some of that upfront please Mr Ridsdale!
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Championship club has bid for Bonne talksport are saying. Reports coming out of Charlton.
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    All the best DJ. Has been steady over the years and had a great season last season. We will move on. We need to sign a striker who is mobile and able to bully defenders. The last game played at DEEPDALE before lock down a certain ex player bullied our central defenders playing for QPR. That day...
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    With Dolan Rovers can take a chance on him as they have an under 23's. We would have to find a club loan to develop him if we kept him. It is getting harder to loan players to lower league clubs now due to the salary cap in league 1 & 2. If he is that good he would have been signed by someone...
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    The positivity thread

    Gentry day be easy to arrange as less fans to disagree with the game selected.
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    Town End won us that one

    Town end needs an unreserved section.
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    The only chance we have of getting him is if there is a release clause, even then don't see us paying more than £5m for any player.
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    Take A Minute

    Don't think North End do much good for the old mental health lately for some fans on here.