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    Best Xmas Song Ever.......

    I'm with MBcha on Xmas songs. I might be in a minority here, but I hate Xmas with a passion. As for the songs, UK Subs', 'Hey Santa', is as good as it gets, but don't expect to hear it on the radio.
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    Top flight champions quiz

    Thanks for putting on Shabba. I like a good quiz, and obviously, quiz night down the pub is off limits.
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    Top flight champions quiz

    Fuck! I thought I'd won, I got 'em all, 4:41 remaining. 😭😠
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    Derby Days

    Yeah, good read. I see he diplomatically avoided the subject of the miners strike.
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    Prediction League - PNE v Sheff Weds - 21/11/2020 - Championship

    PNE 2-1 Sheffield Wednesday Sinclair 6 cards
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Three Little Birds? 😀
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Now you're talking JD. 'If Adolf Hitler flew in today, they'd send a limousine anyway'. Top song.
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    Derby Days

    In the 80s I worked with a few Chesterfield fans. They hated Mansfield with a passion. They called 'em scabs as opposed to stags. It was linked to the miners strike, the Derbyshire miners stayed out on strike, unlike their Nottinghamshire counterparts.
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    Red button games on nowtv/Sky.

    Following that logic, we're due a home win.
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    Reserve team

    That team sheet from the Villa game emphasises what a cock The Doc was. He was manager then, yet with PNE struggling, Tunks, Burns, Bell, Elliott, McGee and Naughton weren't deemed good enough for the first team. Fortunately, he got the boot soon afterwards.
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    Wrexham. Deadpool.

    I didn't go to the 5-0, but was at the Boxing Day 0-0. I also went to another 0-0, round about Easter, mid to late 90s. Can't remember any sending off, but you maybe right. The Boxing Day match, we got there slightly late due to a pile up on the motorway. Also, the Easter game, I remember Paul...
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    I’m A Celeb 2020

    The only time I watched it was when he was on.
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    Reserve team

    It's a different Wayne Harrison. The one who signed for Liverpool, joined from Oldham as a 17 year old. Despite the hype, he was plagued by injury and didn't make an impact. I think he retired in his early 20s.
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    Alan spavin

    David Carrick played a couple of games for us in the 1973/74 relegation season, under Bobby Charlton. I'm pretty sure that it was playing an unregistered player, Carrick, that resulted in PNE being docked a couple of points. Fortunately, the deducted points didn't cost us, as we ended the season...
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    I'll correct my error. Trevor's horse won at Fontwell not Cheltenham.