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    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    Was on loan at Crewe for second half of the season. Sounds like a he was decent when he played but he couldn’t stay fit and only managed a handful of games
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    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    Championship is a sideways move for a current league 1 player?
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    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    Wonder which team is buying Riis for £10m then
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    Formula 1 - 2022

    Not a fan of the Miami track. Reminds me a lot of Valencia. Just seems a bit dull.
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    Formula 1 - 2022

    That chicane looks interesting to say the least. Think we’re gonna see a few mistakes in quali and the race there
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    Hunts to leave at the end of the season (Confirmed).

    Nice last 10 minute cameo from him tomorrow 👍🏻
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    Pre season plans

    Didn’t Madrid play Bournemouth at their ground a few years ago? So not out of the ordinary if it’s them
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    Pre season plans

    We’ll be playing Norwich and Watford next season in the league so can’t see it being either of them
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    Gerrard, Lampard or Scholes, who was the best player of the 3?

    Sven needs locking up for he handled the 3 of them when he was England manager. Nowadays they would be the perfect midfield trio who all compliment each other.
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    Neil Critchley to be sacked

    I honestly couldn’t give a shit if they finish above us. Only thing I want us aiming for every year is the play offs. Don’t get trophies just for finishing above certain teams. Tinpot attitude from them.
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    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    We’re probably better off with a championship club signing him for a couple million, don’t we have a sell on clause percentage?
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    Gentry Day 2022 - Dedication, memories, tributes.

    I know the tradition is always bowler hats but I think flat caps would be a fitting tribute for Gentry day this year.
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    Season Ticket Prices Released 2022/23

    We’re the most reactionary fan base in the league. A big win against Barnsley and everyone will be buzzing again. As far as I’m concerned last night was a one off under Lowe.
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    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    From what I’ve heard, Riis will be sold to fund the new squad that’s needed
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    Character, Desire, Determination, Will to Win

    I’m not going to judge Lowe too much on his time here so far as it’s obvious we haven’t got the personnel to suit his attacking philosophy. However as @oli_oconnell has hinted to on twitter, we look really poor off the ball. This is something that can be address on the training pitch and it’s...