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    Alan Browne contract renewed for 3½ years (confirmed)

    Thank you Alan, all good things
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    Ched Evans

    Let this hell end! Ffs he is not what we need. Simply because .....
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    Would you drop Browne after the Cov game?

    Browne is good but needs a rest. One match.
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    False Doom and Gloom

    I predict a riot.
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    Supporter Apathy at 100%

    From one Keith to another, you've nailed it. Well said sir.
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    Neil OUT

    Surely, if we lose against Bristol he's got to go ...
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    Reserve team

    Went to a few. One that I remember most was v Bury in the late 60's when a certain Alex Dawson played centre half for Bury; I ran on the pitch at the end and touched the great man. Had a mate in those days who followed PNE reserves home and away in the central league and never watched the first...
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    Match Day - AFC Bournemouth v PNE - 1/12/20 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    What a great game to watch and fantastic result. My humble pie is in the oven - Neil in! (what happened to the Neil out thread)
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    Match Day - AFC Bournemouth v PNE - 1/12/20 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Fuck me, I have been quaffing wine like beer. COYG
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    Neil OUT

    I say again - when we lose to Bournemouth and Wycombe, Neil will be sacked (or leave by mutual consent), Steve Thompson will take over temporary to end of season then permanent if we stay up. Fucking shambles. What do you think Trevor?
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    Neil OUT

    We will lose the next three games, Neil will be sacked and Thomo will take over till next season when he will probably be appointed as manager.
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    Match Day - PNE v Sheffield Wednesday - 21/11/20 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    May watch Quest tonight for comments on first home win. Didn't watch but seems we were shite again. Top half of table - I'll take that at this stage of the season in strange times. "No one to follow and nothing to teach except that the goal stays just out of reach" ( Leanord Cohen)
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    The Black Prince (RIP Alex Dawson)

    My first game was January 1962 F.A. Cup 4th round v Weymouth (abandoned half time - fog), won 2-0 when replayed. Alex Dawson was my hero, we will never see his like again. Best striker I've seen for PNE. RIP Black Prince.
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    So...what are we all doing instead then ?

    I was a member at Longridge in the mid seventies. Happy memories - it was always cold mind! Used to enjoy a fried egg and branston pickle sandwich with a beer in the clubhouse. Wouldn't fancy 'cardiac arrest ' now! Play off 12 at Tracy Park in Bath (when it's open ). Missing the sport on tv and...