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    Match Day - PNE v Sheff Utd - 18/01/22 - KO:19:45

    Thinking back to the Plastics home defeat where Neil shut up shop for damage limitation, this feels like a different world. Such a big contrast.
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    Match Day - Cardiff City v PNE - 09/01/22 - KO:14:00 - FA Cup 3rd Round

    At least I only need to walk to the kitchen for a beer than drive back 3 hours.
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    Alex Neil on life at PNE, in his own words.

    Lost a lot of respect from me in those final months. It was all about the £££'s.
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    Millwall vs PNE Postponed (Confirmed)

    Wouldn't be a bad thing. Would give RL more time on the training pitch.
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    Please remove Peter Ridsdale. (Poll Reset)

    I really hope I am wrong but everything I see suggests that Ridsdale has manoeuvred himself into a position where he sees himself as bulletproof. From the time he first rang up Trevor offering his services following the Maurice Lindsay debacle, he has slowly but surely wormed in way into every...
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    Just ordered. Great work from Keith and Mrs Keith. Looks to be some cracking stories.
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    Who misses out?

    In any remotely efficient business, Riddler would be on a performance review.
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    Connor Wickham

    Looking at his goals/assists stats on the same web site, it's hardly stellar.
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    Pearson back at Deepdale - cheered or booed ??

    One of the few players who almost never acknowledged the fans. Recent comments leave a sour taste and the best 'compliment' I can make is to completely ignore him when he returns.
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    It was 50 years ago today ......

    When the team had a free kick outside the penalty area which Spav would take, there were two PNE players in from of the wall to block the defenders sight lines. It seemed a novel idea at the time and for most of the season the tactic failed miserably until the Rotherham game. The rest is...
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    Concerned for Alex

    This interview raises real alarm bells for me. For the sake of the manager and the club, Ridsdale/Hemmings need to do the right thing now even if it costs a bit more. We have 2 weeks to take stock and reorganise.
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    Sack him now

    This can't be allowed to get any worse. We have decent players a the club but under Neil they have stopped performing and here is a manager who seems by his own admission is unable to motivate his players or come up with a strategy to outflank other teams tactics. His RL interview lacks any...