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Recent content by marsbars

  1. marsbars

    A message to remoaners ...

    Crystal clear and perfect, this is how we see it
  2. marsbars

    This week in Gaza ....

    'Yesterday in Gaza: The “hero” in the banner is the terrorist who last week handcuffed and murdered 28 year old Kim Yehezkel and 35 year old Ziv Hajbi in Barkan. As long as these are the heroes of the Palestinian society ‘peace’ remains an empty word.” - Imam Tawhidi .... Who are we to argue...
  3. marsbars

    Prediction League - Leeds v PNE - 18/09/18 - Championship

    Leeds 3-1 Preston Saiz 30,000
  4. marsbars

    UK Politics

    I refer you to the answer I've already given numb nuts. .
  5. marsbars

    UK Politics

    I blame the perpetrators without trying to cover it up because of race, creed or culture.
  6. marsbars

    Neil Out ......

    According to Raefil on the match day thread, do you agree?
  7. marsbars

    Prediction League - PNE v Reading - 15/09/18 - Championship

    PNE 1 - 0 Reading Barkhuizen 11,075
  8. marsbars

    UK Politics

    Raef would rather blame the faceless than the perpetrators
  9. marsbars

    Cryptic crosswords .......

    I love them here's a couple of serious ones that eluded me over the years and that I loved getting the answers , get your big brains on these; 1) Clue was - Take the road to a house in the Home Counties .... 4 letters, I had the third so ___M_ 2) Clue was gges .... 9 letters, I had __r___l___
  10. marsbars

    UK Politics

    Nice recall :)
  11. marsbars

    Prediction League Table after PNE v Notlob 1st Sept

    snigger at JD ;)
  12. marsbars

    UK Politics

  13. marsbars

    UK Politics

    The fact we had to vote for them as opposed to Corbyn further strengthens my point, thanks :)
  14. marsbars

    UK Politics

    Led the Labour Party into a more racist force than any right wing government in this country and completely failed to actually offer any credible opposition to the most unpopular government in contemporary times ....... Some achievement!
  15. marsbars

    UK Politics

    The Opposition should be cleaning up with this government, unfortunately for us all Corbyn has fucked it up entirely.