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    Sean Maguire 2 year Extension (Confirmed)

    Surely in your world Ando there's also Elevenses and Afternoon Tiffin? All six mealtimes accompanied by matching vino collapso :D
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    So if Nugent, Ginnelly and Ripley leave, that leaves only one vacancy in our 25 man squad - assuming nobody else goes. Will that go to a new striker or another goalkeeper?
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    Paul Gallagher 1 Year Extension (confirmed)

    Not hairy enough for wolfman Pearo?
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    General Championship Thread

    WR'sDCFC are extracting the urine out of the efl. This loan can't replace the former mortgage because the latter would have had to be repaid by DCFC when they sold the ground to Mel Morris. The loan can't be secured against the ground unless Mel Morris does that in his own right and then loans...
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Moult got a hamstring injury and didn't play between 2/12/17 (Motherwell) and 20/1/18 (PNE). The player has subsequently alluded to this as a factor in his slow start with the club. He then hardly featured between late feb and the end of the season. He then got another hamstring injury with us...
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    Riddler statement.

    Don't you mean 99.9% of people who get in your taxi Pete? 🤣
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Hadn't he already had one cruciate ligament injury earlier in his career before we signed him? That same January didn't we also sign Moult with an injury?
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Does anybody know if the blades will have to pay us all of the outstanding transfer fee (ie the remaining installments of the c£7m they agreed to pay us) when Robbo is transferred? If so, TH might put another £100k in the transfer kitty :D,
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    2020/21 Kit

    I know I'm an old f@rt but there's nothing traditional about a yellow away shirt. They were (devil) spawned in the late 70s (?), had nowt to do with the club's tradition. Many other clubs also had yellow away shirts at the time. With the home kit, would you keep the navy shorts or does the...
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    This week in tory run Britain

    I think that sometimes 2 or 3 MPs share staff. It would narrow it down though.
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    This week in tory run Britain

    On the BBC News website they show the front pages of the day's national papers. It looks as if the Sunday Times have named the person who has complained of being raped (blocked out by the BBC) but not the Tory ex Minister! Talk about intimidation.
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    Our new bargain basement striker

    Wasn't that shot going to go out for a throw in before it hit Barky? Don't think you can give Nmecha that one 😁
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    P.M Boris Johnson

    See, I was right. You and kingpne are only marginally to the left of Keir Starmer. You're political twins. 😂
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    P.M Boris Johnson

    What exactly do you mean by that? I've known Conservatives with a wide range of interpretations of what they mean by this, including a few young hardliners for whom the State's involvement is limited to providing the police and the military. Would the health sector be 100% privatised in your...
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    Who’s side are you on ?

    He's been playing longer than I thought 😁