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    Old West Stand lettering

    I do not! I like that mystery element! But its now a treasured possession 😎
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    Old West Stand lettering

    As in these letters...........
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    Old West Stand lettering

    Thanks! However, I think that is painted on. So the metal letters were put up after that, just not sure when. The metal letters were bigger and in blue
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    Old West Stand lettering

    Does anyone have any idea what year those letters were put up?! Before the STF stand was built we of course had the Old West Stand. The words Preston North End FC were on the back of it in huge iron lettering. Well, i bought the ‘O’ from those letters from ebay last year and i was wondering...
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    Are we mathematically safe ?!

    Not joking. Bad fixtures, in a slump Are we safe this year?!
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    The trouble with following preston

    And yet if we win 2 games and start to cement a playoff place (and make the playoffs) ....
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    Player of the Year Interview - Aiden McGeady.

    I don’t necessarily disagree with you. But, if they were at PNE for the same length of time, could be a different answer for us both. Both were class for the mighty whites thats for sure
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    Player of the Year Interview - Aiden McGeady.

    My comment was who was the last player who got us off our seats, ie Fuller. But in response to your comment, yes he is / was a better player than fuller Do i love fuller and is he a pne legend YES! But Geady was a champions league player, this cant be ignored
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    Player of the Year Interview - Aiden McGeady.

    I am 37 years old. Geady by far the most gifted player i have seen play for us. He must have ripped League 1 to pieces at Sunderland, because he ripped players apart in the Championship for us. Cant think of many players we have had that have that ‘give him the ball’ ingredient for us...
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    Brum or Swindon... which was your favourite?

    Swindon NOTHING like winning a final at Wembley - we did it in my life time - i am now satisfied :) Though even with 92 mins on clock, still wasnt sure we would do it That final whistle was the biggest ever release / joy ive had as a PNE fan Up the whites PNE
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    Under the cosh - Kenna

    Not sure if people have seen this - but a great true (funny) insight to stories at pne. Fuller, moyes, tepi etc !
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    Classic North End derby (90 mins)

    If anyone else needed a 90 min fix! What a game ...
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    Your First Idol?

    Andy Sav for that belting year in 1995 :) And greegs
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    Best PNE Goals

    Actually. I think this is my fave ever goal / game (par with 4-0 swindon) - the night I understood what it was to be a pne fan
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    Best PNE Goals

    Gally - love this goal.