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    Do we want the Lashers promoted?

    I can’t understand why anybody would want them promoted? You’re practically wishing them success, for the sake of a ‘derby’ game. Fuck that, and fuck them.
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    Retained List (Confirmed)

    Agreed, and it's not like we've missed him since he went either. Sometimes for one reason on another, it just doesn't work out. The fact he's done absolutely nothing at Ipswich, tells me we both now move on.
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    Frankie McAvoy appointed new head coach (Confirmed).

    Wasn't my first choice, and I have concerns over the longterm appointment, but will get my support 100%.
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    Neil Critchley to be sacked

    And, we've all got our faults? :) You've got very tetchy since Jack left you.
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    Neil Critchley to be sacked

    Yes, course he did... was you there then lash?
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    Frankie - Yes or No.

    In the minority, but a no for me. Although cannot deny the results have been remarkable under FM, albeit in the shorterm. I just can’t help but think of the many many assistants (BD & Moyes aside) that have steadied the ship, secured the job, only to fail the following season when the added...
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    England in the Euros.

    He was rushed back from injury and straight into playing both of them games, purely because they were a final. I’m sure you already know this, but take the advice of a few on here now, and stop being dick, eh? Apologies if you’re not, and it just comes naturally.
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    England in the Euros.

    Russia has 145 million people. I’m not sure where you are going with this population thing? We lost to better teams on the day, the rest is just general opinions.
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    Derby v Sheffield Wednesday (Cardiff v Rotherham)

    Happy to see Derby go, and then hopefully go again. Always managed to spend or find a loophole to avoid punishment. Be nice to see them suffer for a while, with a dose of reality.
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    England in the Euros.

    Everything ok hun? You've turned very weird over the past month or two on here.
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    If you could.......

    Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
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    Winning or Entertaining Football?

    Winning football for me. Couldn't give two hoots over style of play as long as we are winning games. Anything else is a bonus.
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    Man Utd v Liverpool 02 May 2021.

    Not close to the detail, but they didn't have the same concerns back in 2005, as to what they have today, so why would he? From what I've read, they have levied a huge debt over the club, which they are simply paying off the interest against. On top of this they are taking huge dividends out...
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    Scottish League 2 Player retires over mental health taunts during match

    Just read the article, that is absolutely shocking.
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    Enough is Enough

    Thats a completely different scenario. The one I was linking was more to some of the replies to this thread. How many posters within this thread, that have 'had to come off social media' have realistically been directly targeted for abuse? I'd say probably none, as it wasn't referenced as...