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Recent content by napolibill

  1. napolibill

    Euros 2021 Sweepstake

    That's me paid!
  2. napolibill

    Wycombe Wanderers v PNE free on FA player.

    Like you, the version on my PC is missing graphics and text but it seems fine on my android phone.
  3. napolibill

    Top of the league

    With all that extra time and us getting more yellows than we maybe deserved, I just knew that Charlton were going to get a penalty to make up for the one that we got earlier on. WTF do I know?! I'll just live in the moment and accept it, along with AN's positivity and belief, which seems to be...
  4. napolibill

    Where's all the match day stuff?

    Had a trawl around but can't find any match day threads. Mods please feel free to move this. Any body else please feel free to point out the error of my ways. :-)
  5. napolibill

    Preston v Leicester

    Teams are: 13 Henderson 02 Alexander 12 St. Ledger 14 Chilvers 18 Hill 07 Sedgwick 27 Soley 03 Davidson 04 Pugh 10 Nugent 17 Ormerod Substitutes 01 Lonergan, 08 Ricketts, 09 Agyemang, 15 Whaley, 28 Wilson Leicester 25 Logan 17 Stearman 03 Kisnorbo 14 McAuley 15 Johansson 16...
  6. napolibill

    Albertan, where are you?

    I need an optimism injection. Can you put some positive spin on what has happened/is going to happen?! I realise it may put you at risk of a good slagging off from those with a "glass half empty" outlook on life, but I'm sure your shoulders are broad enough!! Ta. Bill.
  7. napolibill

    Leeds Snippet

    Just heard on Five Live that all the Leeds players are being encouraged to use their mobile phones when driving - it's the only way they'll get 3 points. (Actually it was West Ham but i thought a bit of poetic licence wouldn't go astray). Apologies for using the wrong thread.
  8. napolibill

    PNE vs Coventry Match Thread

    Can't see one yet. Anybody know the team?
  9. napolibill

    PNE vs Sunderland

    Is there a board thread or is this it just started?