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Recent content by Percy

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    This week in tory run Britain

    About 10 years ago a relative of mine had been made redundant and had to sign on for a bit. They tried to sanction him at one point saying he wasn’t applying for jobs, despite the fact he’d been at the job centre the day before being interviewed for a job there by the person telling him this!
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    Heathcotes Deepdale

    They’ll call it rwb and ridsdale will claim it’s another new signing
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    CONFIRMED White Hot Deepdale 2022/23🔥

    That sounds fishy
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    Heathcotes Deepdale

    And that pigeon crap won’t clean itself off the seats but judging by some they are still waiting to make sure
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    Heathcotes Deepdale

    I would have thought Ben Rhodes would have been there as well. Wasn’t fan engagement one of his 8 job titles?
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    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    Or fuck all else Friday
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    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    The lad has just got back from the game and says the Fernandez was talking to fans outside the players entrance after the game. Says he’s coming next week
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    Summer Transfers 2022 : Rumours and Discussion

    Is the next line yes but we’re paying you in Vietnamese dong?
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    Robinson or Archer

    Both but if I had to pick one Robinson on a permanent just so we’re not back in the same situation next year trying to replace loan players
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    CONFIRMED New home kit launched

    Even the terrace aren’t immune from it. They do the Bristol rovers one and that’s mentioned in the article as having had delays. I assume because they prioritised the north end stuff I’d ordered for my holiday
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    Shuttle Bus Service

    Seems like another short sighted decision. There was something on the official site saying it was because of reduced numbers in the last season, but I’d say that was probably mostly due to covid worries and frankie ball, it’s been busy when I’ve used it Let’s have a big push to get more season...
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    Kit for 2022/23 Season

    Someone called them stockings and they got the wrong idea
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    Matchday Thread Accrington Stanley v Preston North End - 16/07/22 - KO:15:00 - Pre Season Friendly

    Surely it’s as easy to print 41 as it is to do 23 so probably the latter. Or it’s the only shirt that he can fit over his arms
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    This week in tory run Britain

    They’re all one of those, oh no sorry my mistake you said clock